Artist Statement

This is an incredible time to be making art with movement and film. Never before has it been so accessible to create video as well as to share it. I am SO excited to be part of this swiftly growing art form.

For so long most people have only seen dance filmed from the back of the theater of a live performance. Recording dance in this way dulls and deadens the dancing to a depressive state. There is no life left in it. In contrast, when movement is captured dynamically by a camera that is moving with them and moving close to them, it brings the dancing alive. While it may be counterintuitive, there is way of experiencing dance through the lens that can be even more intimate than seeing it live.

With dance for camera, we get to bring the dancing out of the theater! I’m constantly inspired by films that capture dance in the most beautiful of spaces. And of course, with this digital medium, not only do we take dance out of the theater, we get to share it across the globe via the internet.

Thank you for supporting my passion. I am incredibly grateful to be alive at this time using this magnificent medium.